The following workshops will be presented on Saturday, May 27th during the Pilgrimage of Trust. Each workshop will be presented at 2:30pm and 4:30pm. Signup forms will be available at the event.

1. Faith Lessons Learned in Ferguson

Presented by Rev. Starsky Wilson, activist, president of the Deaconess Foundation and previously co-chair of the Ferguson Commission.

2. Sheep and Cornerstones: Servant Leadership in Times of Racial Bias

Presented by Amy Hunter, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

How might our lives be increased with joy through servant leadership in the area of race? (2:30pm only)

3. How Do Christians Offer Healing to Those Who Have Experienced Trauma?

Presented by Rev. Hopie Wells Jernagan, Episcopal priest and Executive Director of Magdalene St. Louis, for women survivors of addiction and sexual exploitation.

4. “If a trusting heart were at the beginning of everything…” Trust in the Life and Writings of Brother Roger, Founder of the Taizé Community

Presented by a Taizé brother.

5. Holding Up Your Corner: Talking About Race in Your Community

Presented by Pastor Willis Johnson, Wellspring Church, and Nicki Reinhardt-Swierk, Center for Empowerment, Ferguson.

6. The Art of Forgiveness: from Why to How

Presented by two young artists from St. Louis talk about their work and inspiration.

7. The Gospel without Words

Presented by a mime artist.

8. Discovering God’s Call in Our Lives

Presented by a Taizé brother.

9. Who is My Enemy? And Now What? Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton as Apostles of Peace

Presented by members of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, South Bend IN.