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Be an Advocate of Peace

What if there was a way to bring various people from different backgrounds together? What if, for a brief moment, our city wasn’t divided by socio-economic, racial, or faith-based differences?

Have you heard about the Pilgrimage of Trust? Are you aware of the Taizé brothers’ unique charism of ecumenism and reconciliation that promotes an authentic encounter of others, especially those who are different? You can be an advocate of peace by helping us spread the word about this event, and the events leading up to it, on Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29, 2017).

We Need Your Help

If you want to be a part of the solution, help us spread the word about the Pilgrimage of Trust in St. Louis. It will begin with Evening Prayer on Friday, May 26th and conclude with afternoon prayer on Monday, May 29th.

Use the flyer above to help us advertise. We encourage you to print off 10 copies and hand them out. Give them to a handful of people you know. Leave some of them in a public place. Hang one up in the office. However you choose to do it will be of great assistance for the cause.

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