A Weekend of Prayer, Conversation, and Friendship.
Working Together To Heal Our Divisions.

The Pilgrimage of Trust Will Provide the Following Opportunities

Prayer Together

Led by the brothers of Taizé. The brothers of Taizé have a unique charism of ecumenism and reconciliation that promotes an authentic encounter with others.


Presented by leaders in the St. Louis community, including members of the Ferguson Commission, who are committed to building unity and restoring peace.


Meet new people and enjoy the rich conversations that flow from small group discussions and mealtimes. Engage in unifying and life-giving dialogue with people from all over.

Walk of Trust

The Walk of Trust is an important display of the unity and solidarity we need to begin healing the many divisions present in our community. The walk is open to the public.

About the Pilgrimage of Trust

The Pilgrimage of Trust was launched over 35 years ago by Taizé’s founder, Brother Roger, in order to foster trust between people through living and praying together, discussing and discovering common ground. Over the years, it has brought together hundreds of thousands of young adults worldwide.

The Taizé Community has been invited to take this “Pilgrimage of Trust” to St. Louis. Over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29, 2017), young adults from throughout the Midwest and other parts of North America will come together as a culmination of a year-long initiative to build trust in the St. Louis area. Each day will be focused on Common Prayer in the style of the Taizé community (morning, afternoon and evening) and will offer workshops in between the prayers.

The brothers of Taizé have a unique charism of ecumenism and reconciliation that promotes an authentic encounter of the other, especially those who are different. It is this charism which we hope to incorporate into the weekend pilgrimage and the events leading up to it, to help heal many of the obvious divisions that exist across our St. Louis community.

Taking part in a pilgrimage of trust means:

  • Crossing borders to share together in simplicity
  • Going together to the wellsprings of trust in the beauty of worship and song
  • Becoming people of trust and solidarity

*This video is to help with preparation of the Pilgrimage of Trust that will take place in St. Louis from May 26-29, 2017. There is also a 10 minute version. For those who have the time, we recommend this 17 minute version.

What kind of trust are we talking about?

A trust that refuses to look away or to ignore the pain of others, that sharpens human vision, prods us to look squarely at the issues and not gloss over them, but to embrace reality, believing it can be transformed when it is acknowledged. A trust that can give us the courage to take risks for Christ and the Gospel.

Who is it for?

The Pilgrimage of Trust is for everyone!

People of all ages are invited to join us throughout the weekend. There is no need to register to attend only the Common Prayer times, however if you wish to attend workshops and meals, registration is required.

Those participating from out of town and requiring host lodging are limited to between the ages of 18-35.

Workshops will be offered on a variety of topics that can help foster a deeper understanding of one another and the core issues which often divide us. Workshops will also be offered focusing on areas that unite us, such as scripture, the search for beauty through art and music, service and more.

If you are only attending Common Prayer, please consider donating to the Solidarity Fund.

Attend an Evening of Trust

The main Pilgrimage of Trust event will take place over Memorial Day weekend, but many people in St. Louis are already trying to live in the spirit of this pilgrimage. Some groups have organized an “Evening of Trust” in their church or school, and you’re invited to attend! Check out the schedule of upcoming events.

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